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Imagine that one evening you are sitting in your home watching television. Suddenly wind and rain begin to pelt the windows in your living room. As you are relaxing watching television, you begin to hear a dripping sound coming from the second floor bathroom. You initially think nothing of the dripping sound, assuming that it is most likely a leaky faucet. As the storm progresses however the dripping gets louder and the intensity increases. You begin to realize that you may have a roof leak.

After the storm progresses, you get up to go investigate the source of the roof leak. Your careful investigation reveals that the neoprene pipe collar used to seal the bathroom vent pipe has deteriorated. It is now allowing water to enter into the attic space and subsequently find its way into the bathroom on your second floor. Now that you have discovered the problem, how do you fix it?

Accessing the Roof Safely

In order to apply an effective repair to correct the roof leak at the pipe you must first gain access to the roof in a safe manner. It should be your top priority to remain safe while completing the repair. If you cannot perform the repair in a safe manner, contact a professional roofing contractor who can safely make the repair for you.

Tools and Materials Required

Repairing a neoprene pipe seal requires specialized tools, equipment and materials in order to complete the project successfully. These tools and equipment allow you to be effective and complete the proper installation of the repair materials.

An important point you need to consider when preparing to complete the replacement of a pipe seal is how to measure the diameter of the pipe through the roof. When measuring a pipe, you measure the inside diameter. Piping is measured from the inside because the thickness of the pipe’s wall varies depending upon the type of material it is. Measure the inside diameter and purchase the neoprene pipe collar to match that measurement.

Roof Vents


Roof vents on top of a home.Roof vents are used to balance your home or building’s ventilation system. They are essential for a roof and attic’s long-term performance. Vents for roofs do the job of regulating moisture and air. Let Roof Pros and our qualified crew assist you with your roof vent installation to ensure optimum results. 


Roof Pros has extensive experience with pairing the correct roof venting products with a multitude of different roofing systems and designs. Roof Pros’s skilled roofers are knowledgeable on a variety roof ventilation solutions. 

• Eave vents
• Under-eave vents
• Gable-end vents
• Static vents
• Ridge vents
• Roof louvers
• Roof fans
• Solar roof vents
• Turbine roof vents
• Soffit vents


Along with helping to avoid moisture problems, roof ventilators can also save on energy costs. Roof Pros’s tradesmen work on both residential and commercial roofs and have helped many building and homeowners save substantial costs in heating and cooling by installing quality roofing vents.


Extending your roof’s life requires the correct roofing system, quality materials and a proper installation by professionals. Let Roof Pros and our 3 years of experience be a benefit to you.
Attic Fans, Roof Vents, Intake Vents, Naperville, Elmhurst, Chicago & Suburbs

Attic Ventilation .


Proper attic ventilation can save energy, increase comfort, and protect your home investment year round. During summer months, without proper insulation and ventilation, heat can quickly build up in your attic space and eventually penetrate into living areas causing your cooling system to work harder and consume more energy. In cooler weather months during rain and snow seasons, air movement prevents moisture from building up in your attic. If left un-addressed, moisture can wreak havoc on your home structure including your attic flooring, wall joists, and roof sheathing resulting in thousands of dollars in repair costs.

image of a powered attic fans impact on temperature and comfort


powered attic fan

To keep your attic cool and dry you need effective attic air circulation. Effective air circulation is accomplished by incorporating both exhaust and intake vents in your attic. Exhaust vents allow attic air to escape. Intake vents allow fresh air to enter your attic space (not your living space). For maximum circulation, adding a powered exhaust fan (attic fan) will significantly improve the air flow by sucking stagnant air out of your attic and replacing it with fresh air that it pulls in through available intake vents.  

Many people think that moisture is only a consideration in the humid summer or during raining seasons. But this is not true. In the winter, particularly here in the Midwest where we experience very cold temperatures requiring us to run our heating systems round the clock for months. The warm air that is generated to keep living areas comfortable will eventually rise to your attic. Your attic insulation we help to resist some of that heat, but not all of it. When the hot air rises into your cold attic space and mixes with stagnant cold air, condensation can occur.

We always recommend you install a powered attic fan with a humidstat controller. The humidistat control will monitor the humidity in your attic space and activate the fan to ventilate your attic when humidity reaches a specified level.

Not sure about your attic air circulation? Give us a call for a free ventilation assessment. We will provide you with